In der Vorweihnachtszeit kann es zu Verzögerungen bei der Zustellung kommen und wir können deshalb leider die Einhaltung der Liefertermine nicht garantieren.

Conscious Smart Rückgaberichtlinien

Conscious Smart stands for the highest standard in smart products. We pride ourselves in having the best selection of the latest, highest quality smart products on the market today. We are Europe’s leading distributor for a very good reason!

We do everything in our power to deliver our products to you in top condition. However, something can always go wrong. In the event of an incorrect delivery or if your product(s) arrives damaged or with defects, please contact our Customer Service or your account manager within 2 weeks of the delivery. In most cases we are more than happy to compensate you.

Warranty period

Smartshop products, seeds, plants and grow kits are natural products with an expiration date and as such we have a limited amount of control on their quality. Also, the effectiveness of products with an expiration date is determined by a number of factors which we have no control over (such as the interaction between the product and the user, set and setting in which the product is consumed, as well as the level of user experience).

For this reason, we don’t use a standard warranty period for our products. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of one of our products, please contact our Customer Service or your account manager.