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MUZA Indica Blend (The Netherlands)

A terpene-infused herbal blend as the ideal alternative to rolling tobacco.

MUZA is a 100% nicotine and tobacco-free herbal blend that is specifically designed for mixing with cannabis. This herbal alternative for rolling tobacco combines natural herbs with the synergetic power of terpenes.


Smooth mixing, rolling, and smoking - guaranteed

MUZA’s herbal blend makes mixing and rolling with cannabis a smooth and easy task. The finely cut natural ingredients are carefully processed to an optimal humidity level of 12%. This ensures a fine consistency that holds the mix together and yet still allows for the right amount of airflow.


MUZA Indica Blend’s flavour

The Muza Indica Blend has a floral and earthy aroma thanks to the unique terpene-infused profile, reminiscent of authentic indica-dominant strains. This aroma enhances the overall flavour of every cannabis strain it’s mixed with. MUZA Indica was specifically designed for leisure time. It’s ideal when you are looking for an indica cannabis experience, such as relaxation or rest.


MUZA’s innovative natural terpene formula is created by Eybna Technologies, a global leader in the R&D of terpene-based science.


    • Terpene-rich cannabis mixer

    • Nicotine-free and tobacco-free

    • Top-quality raw materials and quality-controlled production

    • The thin-cut technique makes for easy mixing and rolling

    • Designed for optimal combustion and a smooth smoking experience


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